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Welcome to the Space Show - Japanese Version
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Welcome to the Space Show

With an intergalactic cast of thousands, Koji Masunari's colorfully explosive debut feature sets a new high for visual spectacle and sheer inventiveness of character design - in what has to be one of the most gleefully surreal depictions of alien life forms ever portrayed in cinema.

It seems like just another lazy summer is in store for Amane and her older cousin Natsuki. Lolling about the Japanese countryside, the days are blithe and boundless. But boredom quickly vanishes when they find an injured dog in the woods and bring him back to the cabin - only to discover that he is not a dog at all, but Pochi, an alien botanist sent to Earth to track down a rare and powerful plant called Zughaan (better known to Earthlings as wasabi root).

Official Selection at the Berlin International Film Festival and the Sydney Film Festival

"Absolutely gorgeous, with fluid, detailed animation and imaginative settings." - The Nihon Review

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Anonymous picture

imagine if the moon suddenly turned over to show all that stuff that happened during so at the end of the movie? This was the best anime I would remember(science fiction or not?)!

Anonymous picture

Imaginative and beautiful. The editor could probably have shed 45 minutes off this film.

Anonymous picture

Love the plot and character development, No time wasted in explaining the story but not rushed either. I thought the Zhugaan was a metaphor for weed tbh :p

Anonymous picture

Extremely imaginative, visually fun, nonsense plot and storytelling keep this from being great. Well worth a watch!

Anonymous picture

I'm going to disagree with Devin.
The world was HUGE and complex, very Ghibli-esque. The characters were fun and charming without being unbelievable caricatures.
There was adventure, there was heart. There was action, there was silliness. You're going to enjoy yourself!
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Anonymous picture

We can't all love the same things, that's why there are so many movies out there. I've done my research, now you do yours.

Anonymous picture

A multi-faceted plot; colorful and beautiful artwork, and creative in essence. Complexity in family relations, values and coming-of-age, friendship, and the corruption of people who seek to do good (ok, perhaps a bit cliche). Overall, worth a watch!

Anonymous picture

Very interesting visuals and creature design, but the story and characters leave a lot to be desired.